The concept of the “Tree of Life” has been passed down for thousands of years and can be found in the legends and mythologies of cultures throughout the world.

In the Native American myth from the Iroquois, The World on the Turtle’s Back, the tree of life is found in the heavens among the first humans until a pregnant women falls and lands in an endless sea. She is saved from drowning by a giant turtle, upon which she forms the world by planting bark from the tree.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the Tree of Life was the representation of the chain of events that brought all things into existence, and that it represents the order, process, and method of creation.

For the Ancient Celts, the Tree of Life was a symbol for harmony and balance. The idea of the individual branches of trees coming together to form a forest, linking together and creating an ecosystem in which thousands of forms of life can live in peace.

At Uno Alla Volta, our artisans are often inspired by the beauty of nature and the mysticism of mythology, so it makes sense that several of our artisans have created treasures inspired by the concept of “The Tree of Life”.

“Tree Of Life” Glass Paperweight


This “Tree Of Life” glass paperweight was handcrafted by our master glass blowers in Washington. To create each one, molten glass is heated to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, and then rolled in colored powders, creating iridescence by adding gold leaf and dichroic glass to the surface.

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Katherine’s Rainbow Chakra “Tree Of Life” Necklace


The colored gems on our artisan Katherine’s necklace represent chakras, or sacred energy points in the body, while the strong tree itself represents the link between heaven and earth.

Joyita’s “Tree Of Life” Devore Silk Scarf


Drawing inspiration from the lush colors of California’s forests, Joyita masterfully creates each “Tree Of Life” scarf in devore silk.

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