Dear Friends,

Each of us is a unique individual, and each relationship we have is unlike any other. Some of the most special relationships I have in my life are with our artisans. Many of these individuals, who began as strangers and evolved into business partners, are now some of my dearest friends. It is such a blessing to have friends across the globe to visit and share in the joy of creation.

Our artisan-crafted treasures, made one at a time, have been touched by the spirit of these creators, who delight in knowing that the work of their hands brings joy to others. Just think about how many palms these items pass through before they reach you. First, they are born from the hands of the artisans, admired and cradled by our merchants, packed and shipped by our diligent warehouse employees, and then delivered by dedicated postal workers right into your waiting hands. In our ever-changing digital world, there is so much sacredness in that chain of caring and connection.

Thank you for considering Uno Alla Volta for the special gifts for those you treasure in your life. Together, we are honoring the individual, while strengthening the bonds that connect us all.

In gratitude,