Master glassblower Giovanni Battista spent his lifetime pursuing perfection. As a young man, he became captivated by borosilicate: a modern, scientific glass that is incredibly durable, crystal clear, and must be worked at much higher temperatures than Murano glass. During the 1960’s, he  was one of the first artisans to take borosilicate glass out of the scientific laboratory and bring it into the artistic world, where he used it to create stunning home décor. In 1964, after apprenticing in Zurich for many years, he returned to his home just outside of Venice to open his own workshop.

More than fifty years later, his three children: Luigi, Roberto, and Monica, carry on the family tradition, keeping their father’s memory alive with every movement of their hands. Each of these stunning glass pieces is handmade uno alla volta from the same borosilicate glass and masterful techniques their father used. Because this family continues to create innovative designs in this unique medium, their products have the lightness, clarity, and elegance of the finest crystal, but are far less delicate. By mouth-blowing and lampworking these treasures, as well as their stunning glass trees, Giovanni’s children ensure that although he may have passed on, his love, skill, and artistic vision are still very much alive.


Hand-Blown Venetian Glass Cordial Glass Set

This handmade cordial set will be the envy of all your dinner guests, as the varying shapes and subtle jewel tones create a sense of fun and whimsy.


Hand-Blown Venetian Glass Christmas Ornaments

Each of these stunning, jewel-toned ornaments bears a unique Italian charm. These baubles get their strength and durability from scientific borosilicate glass.