We all have that one friend who incites little pangs of jealousy with their tales of travelling the wide world. These gifts were hand-selected for loved ones with wanderlust.


Wood Marquetry Box With Compass

Ensure your loved one never loses their way! Pocket-sized and elegant, this enclosed compass is the perfect addition to any traveler’s pack.


Planet Earth Paperweight

A stunning reminder of the world’s vastness, this paperweight is a perfect trinket for anyone who loves exploring.


Marbled Italian Leather Journal

Hand-marbled in a workshop in the Tuscan hillside, this journal is just waiting to be filled with stories of trips to faraway places.


Pewter Compass Money Clip

Perfect for keeping money safe while travelling, this money clip bears a compass design that represents infinite possibility.


Woolly Mammoth Tooth Pocketknife

This is an especially great gift for anyone who loves camping or hiking. Nothing comes in handy quite like a pocketknife!