Exclusively For Uno Alla Volta

The De Carlini family workshop has been creating collectible glass ornaments since 1947. Founders Enrico and Elisa passed the business down to their daughter Rosa, who continues the family tradition with her husband, son, and daughter-in-law, mouth-blowing each piece from fiery glass, heating to over 1400°F, and then individually decorating each piece. Handcrafted just outside Milan, Italy, the fashion capital of the world, these exclusive ornaments are each meticulously adorned in the fashions of a particular decade, from their bold hats to their jewelry and footwear. Only 250 of each design will ever be made, and signature gift packaging is included for free!


Zelda, our lady of the ’20s

As if she had just stepped out of her favorite speakeasy, ”Zelda” is wearing a gold flapper dress with matching gloves, a long pearl necklace, and a bold feathered headband.


Audrey, our lady of the ’30s

Our ”Audrey” ornament is bedazzled from head to toe with a bright blue pea coat, a sparkling royal blue clutch, and a bold, wide-brimmed hat with an over-sized bow.


Ginger, our lady of the ’40s

“Ginger” is impeccably dressed with a pink, fur-trimmed wrap dress, a black muff, and a matching hot pink beret.


Marilyn, our lady of the ’50s

Style-savvy ”Marilyn” is wearing a black and white plaid blazer with a bold belt, a black pencil skirt, a red turban, and an adorable red purse.


Jackie, our lady of the ’60s

In elegant ’60s style, ”Jackie” is adorned with a yellow dress, a matching pillbox hat, and a pearl necklace.


Madison, our lady of the ’70s

”Madison” is wearing sparkling black go-go boots and a sleek silver suit, complete with a stylish headband and silver beaded necklace.