Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns are known to be responsible, highly-logical go-getters. Symbolized by a mythical “sea goat,” Capricorns are characterized as ambitious, persistent go-getters (like mountain goats) with secret, deeply emotional inner lives (like fish). People born under this sign are responsible, practical, and very career-oriented. Shop our Capricorn-inspired treasures to celebrate your winter-born loved ones!


This paperweight features a shimmering depiction of Saturn: Capricorn’s ruling planet.


The deep red garnets in these earrings are January’s birthstone, and they pair perfectly with sparkling green peridot, the birthstone of August. (My best friend’s birthday is in August, so I really love this combination of our birthstones, and I think they make a unique pair, just like us!)


Are you a December Capricorn? Then this sparkling ring, which prominently features stunning blue topaz, perfectly showcases your birthstone.


Simple, sensible earth tones are thought to be Capricorn colors. Also, the alpaca wool used to make this gorgeous poncho is shorn in the Andes Mountains, which echoes Capricorn’s “mountain climber” personality.