Those born under Aquarius (January 19th to February 18th) are known to be good listeners who are very analytical, opinionated, and independent. As a water sign, Aquarians are dreamers who lead deeply yet secretly emotional lives. These treasures celebrate this “Water Bearing” zodiac sign, as well as February birthdays.


Aquarius Paperweight

The hypnotic swirls of this celestial paperweight create a unique depiction of Uranus: Aquarius’s ruling planet.


Handmade Amethyst Ring

Prominently featuring February’s birthstone, this amethyst ring is hand-set in our artisan’s gleaming, hypoallergenic, signature metal alloy.


Elizabeth’s Floating Violets Scarf

Inspired by our artisan’s trip to Vermont, which was lush with violets, this scarf celebrates February’s birthday flower.


Hand-Gilded Mermaid Wine Glass

Hand-painted and adorned with silver foil in Verona, Italy, this wine glass is perfect for anyone born under the water sign of Aquarius.