Sometimes, the story of how one of our treasures came to be is simply too sweet not to share with our customers. This Handmade Easter Bunny Wreath has one of those notable histories. Because our customers love seeing the newest edition of our owl wreath every fall, Taylor and Marina, our Home Décor “dream team,” asked our Customer Care representatives if they thought our collectors would enjoy a wreath featuring another little creature. Their response was an excited and resounding “yes,” so Taylor and Marina sprang into action to develop a new version of this beloved treasure.

Since Easter product planning was underway, our Home team chose adorable bunnies to be the next animal featured on our handmade wreaths. Our artisans quickly got to work, sharing our excitement about this sweet new spring design as they handcrafted the first prototype. They even sent us multiple choices of ribbon colors for the bow to make sure the wreath turned out exactly how we envisioned it. Taylor polled the staff here on the color choices and the pastel blue bow was the clear winner, since we loved the way it made the other colors “pop.”

After months of hard work and collaboration, the wreaths finally arrived at our office on the Connecticut coast, all the way from Baja California, Mexico. Each wreath is composed of moss, natural grapevine, strawflower, and faux eggs, complete with an adorable bunny perched in the center, clutching a tiny carrot. Since Uno Alla Volta’s customers are kind and caring animal lovers, Taylor and Marina hope this will be one of many wreath designs featuring a furry friend.

Click here to bring this adorable treasure home!


Do you have a favorite animal you’d love to see featured on one of our handmade wreaths? Comment below and we will gladly pass your suggestion along to our Home Décor team!