Elizabeth’s destiny as an artist and entrepreneur was clear from her childhood. Inspired by her grandmother, who was a painter, and her first small business of selling macramé bracelets in Hudson, Ohio, Elizabeth followed her passion to Hartwick College, where she studied painting professionally.

In the footsteps of many young, hopeful artists, Elizabeth relocated to New York City: the epicenter of all things fashion. One day, she misplaced her favorite velvet scarf, and like a true artist, handmade another one for herself instead of wallowing in the loss. As fate would have it, her original remake garnered so many compliments that Barney’s New York and The Whitney Museum Gift Shop reached out to her for orders! Now, as an avid traveler, Elizabeth draws inspiration from the world all around her, citing everything from clouds to tile patterns as inspiration for her designs. Her scarves are handmade by her artisan partners in India, spreading the joy of creation across the globe.


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