This year’s Kentucky Derby takes place on Saturday, May 5th. The first Kentucky Derby took place in 1875 after Meriwether Lewis Clark, grandson of famed explorer William Clark, saw the Epsom Derby in England. With a gift of land from his uncles John and Henry Churchill to build the racetrack and stadium, Clark was able to bring this event to the USA. The derby quickly gained popularity in America and some signature details developed as well, such as granting a garland of roses to the winner, drinking mint juleps, and of course, wearing large, whimsically elegant hats.

Because wearing fun and festive hats to celebrate the Kentucky Derby is such an important tradition to our customers, we are sure to carry a wide selection of whimsically elegant hats every spring. Handcrafted of sinamay straw by our talented milliner Carole of New York, these tempting toppers each have their own unique personalities. Whether you are lucky enough to attend this equestrian event in person this year or simply enjoy watching with your friends and loved ones on TV, these show-stopping hats will make your experience even more special. After the Derby is over, these would make great accessories to your Sunday best for church!

See the evolution of derby hat fashions from the 1920’s to 2017 below:


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