From the Polish word for “unique,” unikat Polish pottery refers to a style of hand-painted ceramics with intricate patterns. Not only is the native clay expertly shaped by skilled artisans, but after firing, it is also skillfully adorned with stamps and brushwork. In the past, these stamps were often handmade from carved vegetables, especially potatoes, but today these ceramic artisans make use of rubber stamps and sea sponges to create these artful designs. The artists spend more time on these pieces, ensuring that the designs are breathtaking and multifaceted.

The artisans entrusted with these masterful processes go through years of training before they begin working on these higher-level pieces. Unikat Polish pottery is often so beautiful that collectors choose to leave it on display, rather than using it in the kitchen or whatever function it was created for. However, these pieces are all microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe, and are of lasting, heirloom quality. Many of these treasures are marked with a signature stamp by the workshop or even signed by the artisan.

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