In my family, most of our holiday traditions are centered around food, and Easter is no exception. Every year on Good Friday, my mother and I would join her best friend’s family in the kitchen to hand make hundreds and hundreds of pierogies. “Pierogi Day” meant eight hours of mixing, rolling, filling, boiling, and getting every surface in the kitchen coated in a dusting of flour. I have always enjoyed cooking and sharing food with my loved ones. Ever since I was small, being a part of this process made me feel needed and responsible, like the next in a long line of women who kept traditions like this alive for their family.

On Easter Sunday, we would feast on pierogies with assorted fillings of potato, farmer’s cheese, and sauerkraut, alongside kielbasa, Easter breads, salads, and a seemingly endless buffet of Polish foods. Although my family is Italian, we loved partaking in this tradition and enjoying foods we didn’t usually eat. Our labor of love yielded delicious results!

-Anna, Associate Marketing Manager- Content

Want to try your hand at making pierogies? Try out this authentic recipe from The Stay At Home Chef. All of us here at Uno Alla Volta wish you and your family a very happy Easter!