Spring is finally here, and it’s time to clean up, de-clutter, recycle, and renew. This is the season  of new beginnings, and beautifying your living space is a simple and fulfilling way to make your home more peaceful and calming to inhabit. It is amazing how much tidying up a physical space can make us feel much less stressed on the inside. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks.

1. Add a shower curtain tension rod to the center of your closet to create two levels. That way, you can hang shirts on the top and skirts on the bottom. Not only will this making choosing your outfits easier in the morning, it will also effectively double the amount of space inside your closet.

2. Use a CD rack to organize your food storage lids. That way, you can stand them all upright in one spot and see all the shapes and sizes more clearly when you pull out a container. No more dumping everything out of your cabinets to find the right lid!

3. Add a lazy susan to your most cluttered cabinet. This will work anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom, and the rotating base will make it exponentially easier to find everything you’re looking for, even if it’s at the back of the cabinet.

4. Clear out and minimize. There are many great causes to donate your things to. While many of us are already familiar with bringing our unwanted clothing and shoes to Goodwill, churches, or the Salvation Army, there are many other charities and organizations that would be overjoyed with your donations. Check your area for “book swaps” or book drop-offs where you can donate or trade books you’re finished reading. Cleaning out that empty nest? A children’s hospital or local preschool would be very grateful for all those toys and games. Lastly, spring is a great time to donate formal wear, as so many young women are looking for affordable dresses to wear to the prom.

5. Try making some DIY cleaning products with natural ingredients like essential oils, lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar. Not only will they get the job done, but they are also much healthier for you and the environment. Check out the video below from Live Simply for a step-by-step guide!


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