From the Latin for “tree,” Arbor Day is the time to honor the strength and life-giving properties of these beautiful gifts from nature. While Arbor Day has increased in exposure and popularity over the last few decades, the first Arbor Day was actually celebrated in 1872 in Nebraska. On that day, approximately one million trees were planted, kick-starting a beautiful tradition of giving back to the earth.

Not only do trees give us the oxygen we need to breathe, they are often associated with warm memories. Whether they bear us fruit, brighten up our homes during Christmas time, or held our favorite swings as a child, these majestic plants deserve to be honored. We’ve hand-selected some tree-themed treasures to really get you in the spirit!

If you want to learn more about this holiday and what you can do to help keep our earth green and prosperous, please visit the Arbor Day Foundation’s website here.


Add this tree of life paperweight to your desk as a year-round reminder of the beauty of Mother Nature.


This tree of life pendant necklace will silently express your gratitude for trees.