To celebrate Mother’s Day is to celebrate unconditional love. Our mothers are there for us from the moment we come into existence, bear the great pain of bringing us into the world, and then are present for all the trials and tribulations of our years of becoming. As we grow, so does their pride, even on our worst days. Every success we celebrate is theirs as well, and every bit of pain we experience also reverberates through their boundless empathy.

With our grandmothers, we celebrate the unbridled joy of being spoiled, and bask in their rich histories, which are our origin stories as well. With our stepmothers, we celebrate selflessness and the great blessings that often come from change. With our godmothers, we celebrate the human connection, and how blood is often so much thicker than water. With the women who bear our children, we celebrate the ultimate expression of human love: one so large it manifests itself into another human being.

I hope the Mother’s Day Memories my team has shared warm your heart as much as they do mine!





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