Ruled by Mercury, moody yet outgoing Gemini is considered to be the most fun sign in the zodiac. These outgoing individuals, who are born between May 21 and June 21, have enigmatic personalities and easily attract others into their lives. Geminis are very affectionate and sociable, as well as open-minded and fun loving. People born under this sign make great friends, and are always a joy to have around, because they are so full of surprises. For those who are born in May, their birthstone is emerald, and their flower is the lily of the valley. Geminis born in June have three birthstones: moonstone, alexandrite, and pearl, and their flower is the classic, elegant rose. We’ve compiled a selection of perfect gifts for Geminis below!


This paperweight showcases Mercury: Gemini’s ruling planet.


This classically elegant necklace celebrates May’s birth flower for all our May Geminis!


These colorful earrings feature moonstone, one of June’s birthstones, and also bear the same fun, vibrant energy Geminis often exude.


This shimmering Swarovski crystal rose brooch celebrates June’s birth flower.