The team here at Uno Alla Volta created these custom assortments just for you! Featuring designs from 17 artisans across the globe, these collections exemplify quality workmanship and an unmistakable flair for fashion. Click on the collection name to shop all the featured items.


Tranquil Blues: Our artisans around the world designed these serene pieces, which celebrate the deep, rich blue that is Terri’s favorite color. Paired with gleaming silver or gold, the bright colors in these pieces will pop against any skin tone and bring a sense of calmness and peace to the wearer.


Healing Touches: Featuring precious metals and gemstones, these pieces were designed by our artisans across the globe, all with themes of healing in mind. Copper is believed to help the body repair itself, silver is believed to protect the wearer, and gold is believed to connect the wearer to a higher consciousness. Each of the precious gemstones featured here have unique healing properties as well!


Odes To Joy: Designed by artisans in Israel, Italy, and right here in the USA, these bold, fun designs all celebrate joy and playfulness. From the bright colors to the unique shapes and designs, the handmade pieces in this collection will bring a smile to your face each time they are worn.