In the handcrafted community, so many artistic traditions are passed down to children by their parents. This way, the younger generation can ensure that their ancestors’ legacies live on, and that these rich practices are not lost to the seeming convenience of manufacturing and mass production.

Today, we focus on our fathers. So many of our artisans carry on patrilineal traditions, from Alessandra and Elisabetta, your favorite handbag artisans, to the Battista family, who handcrafts our delicate glass Christmas trees. All of these artisans have made it their lives’ work to carry on the artistic methods their fathers passed down to them. Every day, with every deft movement of their hands, they honor those who came before them.

Here at Uno Alla Volta, while we may not be artisans ourselves, we still make it a priority to celebrate our fathers. I hope you enjoyed the stories of love and gratitude from our team members as well!