I have been a member of the handcraft community for nearly two decades now. During this time, I have discovered the common thread that ties artisans from across the globe together: they are constantly inspired to create by the beauty of the natural world.

For me, it’s towering, stoic sunflowers that constantly inspire me. What is it about those beauties? They are anything but delicate. Meaty, strong, and nurturing, sunflowers have provided essential nutritional qualities throughout most cultures and time periods. As they drink in the sun’s rays, they climb and they climb. As I gaze at them, I remember the importance of growth.

Our artisans are inspired by sparkling gemstones, colorful flowers, buzzing bees, sandy shorelines, and so much more. No matter which segment of our lush, green earth they come from, these talented individuals delight in creating treasures which honor Mother Nature.

What inspires you? Let us know in the comments below!