Polish pottery is one of the finest potteries and it makes the perfect kitchenware and decorating piece for any home. You can easily add a pop of color to your table décor with its vibrant colors. Artisans in Boleslawiec, Poland have been creating beautiful and functional folk art pottery for centuries, but what really makes Polish pottery so unique?

How It’s Made

Polish pottery is made with high quality white clay. The pottery is hand-formed or made from molds then hand-painted using carved sponges and fine brushwork. No two items will ever be alike. This unique clay and glaze are then high-fired to create stoneware pieces of enormous durability which are resistant to chips and breakage. Polish pottery is naturally non-stick because it is coated with a protective glaze. This stoneware does not contain cadmium or lead which makes it completely safe for cooking food. Because of its high durability, Polish pottery is microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe.

How It’s Designed and Decorated

The decoration of Boleslawiec ceramics have been greatly influenced by the color blue, which is a desirable color because it is consider precious and expensive. Blue is associated with beauty, which gave Poland its start.

Each piece of pottery is decorated through hand-painting and stamping with carved sea sponges. The design is strikingly original and detailed. Overall, the design and decoration of Polish pottery enhances its beauty and value.

How Polish Pottery Is Used

Polish pottery is commonly represented in the form of dinnerware, serving ware, and mugs. However, Polish pottery artisans have created pieces that will make a perfect accent to your home. They have creations of Halloween Jack O’Lanterns, Christmas ornaments, figurines, luminaries, and Easter eggs. These decorative pieces will reflect a truly distinctive style to every room in your home.

How To Care For It

Since Polish pottery is so skillfully handcrafted, it can last for many years if cared for correctly. Even though these pieces are very durable and can be used every day, they are still pottery. They need to be cared for when adjusting to temperatures right out of the fridge or oven. Here are three ways to care for your Polish pottery for lasting enjoyment:

  1. Make sure your pottery dish reaches room temperature before placing it in the microwave oven or on the stovetop.
  2. After removing stoneware from the refrigerator, do not place it on direct heat like in the broiler.
  3. Do not place hot dishes on wet or cold surfaces.

Whether you like to collect Polish pottery or want a unique, yet timeless piece of stoneware, we hope this will give you an inside scoop about the beauty and uniqueness of Polish pottery, and how to treasure it for years to come.