Depending on what suits your personal taste and whether you’re heading to work, dinner, beach, or a shop, there are a variety of styles and choices when it comes to shopping for handbags. Although, you can’t ever have too many handbags! Here is our ultimate guide to handbags every woman should own.

The Bucket Bag


Bucket bags are inspired by the shape of a bucket. These bags have an appealing shape and are mainly made out of leather or suede. These roomy bucket bags are perfect for the casual day out with friends or family. The style is unique and the tassel sends us an effortless ambiance which makes these bags the ultimate cylindrical shaped bag.

The Tote Bag


Tote bags are generally large in size. They are ideal to bring to work or take with you to a weekend getaway. Totes are considered to be versatile bags; they can be used as knitting bags, shopping bags, beach bags, or even as a laptop bag. This bag can be whatever fits your lifestyle needs.

The Crossbody Bag


Whether you are a traveler or need to be hands-free to manage errands, a crossbody handbag will definitely meet your lifestyle. They are the perfect size and can be easily worn across the shoulders because of their long straps.

The Satchel Bag


Satchel bags are usually structured bags; they come in different shapes and sizes. You can carry them by hand or over your shoulder given that a long strap is attached. The style of this handbag is a mix of a messenger bag and a crossbody bag. This type of bag also has a secure closure which keeps all your contents in place.

The Clutch


A clutch bag is a must have for every women. They are perfect for a night out or formal occasions. It’s a strapless purse that is carried by hand and it’s the perfect size for small personal items. Clutches are considered to be elegant which makes them work perfectly well as an evening bag.