As the weather grows colder, we break out our favorite fall accessories: Hats, boots, mittens…but the best of all? Scarves! One of the most versatile accessories, a scarf can be worn in multiple ways for a variety of occasions. Loop it around your neck with your favorite sweater for a cozy-comfy look, or drape it over your shoulders while you wear your favorite evening attire. To help you stay fashionable this chilly season, we’re presenting you with 4 ways to wear your favorite scarf!

alpaca scarf

Grey and Brown Reversible Alpaca Wrap

1. Over the shoulder

Give your look a more dramatic flair while remaining cozy and chic! Start by wrapping your scarf around your neck. Instead of keeping both ends in the front, allow one to remain in back by throwing it over your shoulder. This look is the perfect way to break up symmetry and give you an edgier style.


Red Guipure Lace Scarf

 2. Tie it!

We love the look of our Red Guipure Lace Scarf when it’s tied at the neck. Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, and tie the two loose ends into a single knot in front of you. You can tie the knot high and close to your neck, or lower, for a looser, more relaxed look.


 Joyita’s Silk Sunflower Scarf Set

 3. Clip it

Looking to add a fun detail to your scarf? Try clipping it! Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, with the two loose ends dangling in front of you. Grab your favorite brooch or pin, and use it to clip/connect the two ends of the scarf together at the midway point. Match your brooch to your scarf, or switch it up with a pop of a different color. There are so many possibilities with this style, so have fun with it!


Italian Rainbow Plaid Scarf

 4. Drape it

Add an elegant touch to your favorite dress or evening wear by draping your scarf as if it were a shawl. Keep in mind that this look requires a scarf that’s a little on the wider side, so that it may stay comfortably on your shoulders.