It is that time of year to throw formal family parties and what may come to mind other than delicious food is to dazzle our guests with a beautiful tablescape. Every host wants to pull together a show-stopping table arrangement that suits their style. Depending on your style, a beautiful yet distinctive centerpiece can add great charm to your everyday home décor. If you are looking for something distinctive to add to your dining table this year, we have 3 unique centerpieces that will make all your guests stare and smile!

”In The Palm of My Hands” Sculptural Bowl


This one-of-a-kind sculptural bowl gives off a boho chic ambiance.  You can add a succulent or even a rose to bring in the outdoor nature indoors. The detail of this handmade piece is finessed to perfection and it will make a great accent to your dining table.

Hudson River Ice House Bowl


This icy bowl will add distinctiveness yet elegance to your tablescape. This highly reflective glass bowl emanates a wintry feeling. This is the perfect centerpiece for those who love to add a unique and frosty touch to their dining room space.

Giovanni’s Borosilicate Glass Candle Holder and Vase


This amazing candle holder and vase will absolutely wow your guests. The vase is ideal for those with less experience in arranging flowers and makes it easier for any flower arrangement professional. You may also add a candle if you desire. Adding seasonal flowers or any flowers of your choice will bring out your style and create the mood that you are seeking.