On November 17th, we celebrate World Peace Day. As some may know, a dove and the olive branch represent peace. The ancient symbolism of the dove started back to the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. The story of the dove returning to the Arc with a fresh olive branch revealed to Noah that the land was no longer flooded. The dove symbolism also derive from the early Christian art in which the dove signifies the peace of the soul. In honor of World Peace Day, we’re presenting you with 4 stunning treasures that greatly symbolize peace and harmony.

Recycled Glass Dove Nightlight


Fill your home with light and tranquility. Our Florida artisans, the Gray family, create this recycled glass nightlight. Not only are they creating a handmade treasure that signifies peace but they’re also protecting our environment by creating these eco-friendly designs one at a time.

Daniel Lyons’ Dove of Peace Pin and Pendant


Our London artisan, Daniel Lyons designed this lovely Dove of Peace pendant necklace. The pendant is spectacularly detailed and the metallic colors, silver and gold coordinate beautifully together. The design of this necklace is also inspired by Terri’s favorite prayers, ”may the world see peace speedily in our days.”

”Dove of the Holy Spirit”


This art piece was inspired by a painting by 13th century artist, Andrea Del Verrochio and his learner Leonardo da Vinci. The Lazzari family beautifully transfers this image to a damp mortar for a century old look. The choice of colors sends us a heavenly ambiance that works perfectly with the theme of the artwork.

Dove Pewter Christmas Ornament


Our artisan John and Bonnie handcrafted this highly detailed ornament. Made from lead-free pewter, this dove ornament has a smooth and beautiful shine to it. The symbolism of this ornament will add a meaningful touch to your Christmas tree.