Nothing makes your Christmas tree more magical than adding a touch of beautiful ornaments. From hand-blown glass ornaments to Polish Pottery ornaments, there are a variety of styles for everyone. Our exquisite handcrafted ornaments can instantly become a family favorite and they will make the perfect gift because it’s something you can enjoy for years to come. Here are 5 of our handcrafted ornaments your Christmas tree will love and so will you!

Darlings through the Decades


Our gorgeous ornaments represent the era of prohibition, jazz, and Art Deco of the 1920s, 1940s post-war style, simple and elegant 1960s style, and the cool, confident sophistication of the 1950s. These gorgeous ornaments are from the artist family in Milan, Italy, who decorates each piece by hand. Add some style to your Christmas tree with these lovely darlings through the decades.

Glittery Accents 


These hand-blown ornaments are created in a family workshop in Poland. This technique involves forming molten glass into a bubble by blow-piping. After the process is complete, the glass needs to cool until it becomes solid glass. Then each ornament is adorned with beautiful colors and glitter.

Fabric Inspired


Our artisans from Filipino are inspired by lovely fabric patterns. To create this frog prince ornament, an original mold is carved out from plaster and mold before the hand-painting begins. For the final touch, glittering accents is added for a whimsical feel.

Polish Pottery


This Polish pottery ornament is made with high quality white clay. Once the clay is formed and glazed, it is then fired at high temperatures for enormous durability. Polish pottery is greatly influenced by the color blue because it is associated with beauty. These lively colors will look amazing on a vibrant Christmas tree color scheme.