Freshwater pearls are cultured gems; they are created unnaturally using freshwater mussels. Since precious pearls have been desired for many centuries, freshwater pearls were produced to achieve that life-like look. These beauties can be combined with other materials such as sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, Roman glass, or marcasite for a timeless look. Since we love these gems so much, we present you 3 freshwater pearl jewelry pieces that will add elegance to your attire.

Avi’s Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Earrings With Freshwater Pearls


The combination of freshwater pearls and sterling silver gives off a classical and modern look. The texture of the gold-plated sterling silver reflects our artisan Avi’s eye-catching works. The simplicity of these dangling earrings is an epitome of style making these the perfect pair.

Freshwater Pearl And Crystal Tassel Necklace


The freshwater pearls and crystal tassels are perfectly combined to create this elegant look. Designed by our artisan, Sheri of Texas, each piece is finished with shimmering crystals at the end and throughout the long necklace to give off a pop of color.

Sterling Silver And Roman Glass Necklace With Freshwater Pearl


The Roman glass with freshwater pearl is a very unique piece. Each necklace is handmade from ancient glass by Luli of Israel. The freshwater pearl gives off a classic touch while holding on to that glistening iridescence look that is present in Roman glass jewelry.