Centuries ago, hats symbolized social status and wealth. Throughout the years, women’s hats have taken many forms that vary in shape and size, as they are one of the best accessories to change up your look. Materials such as feathers, flowers, lace, and bows are affixed on hats to give off a luxurious touch. Since there are so many different types of stylish hats, we share with you 5 chic hats for women everywhere.

The Floppy Hat


This red wool floppy hat is adorned with a black silk band and flowers. A wool hat is the perfect accessory for the fall and winter season because it adds warmth and style. A floppy hat itself can definitely dress up a casual outfit, and the color of this particular hat gives off a bold statement.

The Fedora


Hand-pressed and shaped out of felt, this cobalt blue fedora has a wide brim with an indented crown. Although the shape of this hat is considered masculine, the feather accent adds a feminine touch! This stylish hat is finished with a grosgrain ribbon for embellishment.

The Cloche


Featuring a style from the roaring 1920s, this cloche hat is a vintage fashion piece. It’s adorned with a black velvet band and a vintage silver pin, making it an exquisite accessory to flaunt your style.

The Beanie


Beanies are a great way to stay warm and stay in style; you can wear them dressed up or dressed down. The chunky wool used to handcraft this beanie is also the perfect material for winter. This type of hat gives off an effortlessly relaxed look while adding a touch of elegance.

The Derby Hat


Straw, wide-brimmed hats are the most exciting accessories in fashion. This functional yet fashionable hat protects you from UV rays while giving off a sophisticated look. This sun hat is designed from natural fiber and adorned with a big white bow for glamour.