Whether you work at a corporate office or at home, you can add a little inspiration or pizzazz to create an inviting workspace. Making your space into your own personal style can make you feel productive, organized, and enthused. Therefore, we present to you 5 beautiful treasures for your desk.



Eye-catching paperweights will liven up your desk space and make your entire space look neat by keeping papers organized. Containing dichroic glass, this full moon glass paperweight captures the detail and mystery of a naturally stirring occurrence.

Inspirational Plaque


An inspirational plaque will give you the courage to pursue your dreams. It will guide you to create the right path you need to take for success. This reversible pewter plaque is a perfect accessory to have on your desk to bring out the optimist in you.

Letter Holder


Do you find yourself spending too much time scouring for important documents? If so, an organized desk will truly boost your productivity. To achieve a tidy look, a letter holder will keep your letters organized and help you focus on your day-to-day tasks. Polish pottery artisans handcraft this sunflower letter and napkin holder from local clay and each one is fired for immense durability.

Scented Wax Vessel


What is better than a non-burning scented candle? A decorative fragrance vessel will not only freshen up your space and add a pleasing aroma to your desk, but transform your mood and improve your productivity! Embedded with natural essences and silk botanicals, this wax pottery vessel releases a soft floral scent that can help redefine the way you handle your daily tasks.

Trinket Dish


Are you looking for the ultimate organization treasure for your desk? A trinket dish is decorative yet functional. It is the perfect piece to hold paperclips and binder clips. This beautiful trinket dish is handcrafted using glass, faux gold leaf, and 18-karat gold paint.