Fireplace mantels are a striking focal point in any room. There are many creative decorating ideas for this specific area depending on your personal style. Of course, you want your mantel to be styled to perfection. If you are looking for decor inspiration then you came to the right place! Here are 5 decorating ideas for your fireplace mantel.

Capodimonte Flowers


Featuring flowers on your mantel will surely give off a warm look during the cold winter months. Capodimonte flowers are as delicate as they are stunning. Placing these porcelain flowers on your mantel will add an elegant Italian touch.

Millefiori vases


A Millefiori vase will make a great accent piece to your space. You can fill it with flowers, leave it as is, place it in the center of your mantel, or off to the side. No matter which way you choose to display your Millefiori vase, the colorful patterns will create an aesthetically pleasing display.

Wooden Figurines


Do you love the equestrian sport? Placing a horse figurine on your mantel will create a stylish western theme. It is a great décor piece for horse riders and lovers. This beautifully carved figurine will add instant beauty on your fireplace mantel.



Displaying candlesticks on your mantel will add a magical ambiance to your home. You can add a couple or multiple candlesticks for a classic and warm touch. These gold and white swirl patterned glass candlesticks are iridescent and hand-blown.



With the many designs out there, a kaleidoscope is a captivating piece to add to your mantel. Not only will this peacock kaleidoscope look magnificent on your mantel, but it also revolves to the tune of a song for our artisan, Massimo’s 10th year of partnership with Uno Alla Volta. The details of this piece are exquisite and classical.