Amethyst is one of the world’s most admired stones and the official birthstone for February. The stone is a beautiful deep grape-like color, which was considered a noble color for many centuries. This gemstone is known to promote calmness, peace, love, and stability. With many years of history and uses behind it, let’s explore the origin of this regal stone.


Amethyst stone has sparkling crystal formations, and its rich color has been considered a royalty treasure throughout history. This stone was first discovered around 2500 BC. The name “Amethyst” originates from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning, “not intoxicated” which comes from the early Greek legends because it is linked with the God of Wine, Bacchus. This semi-precious stone was known to conserve its wearers from the deleterious effect of wine. It has also been associated with many other legends, religions, and cultures throughout its time.

Uses of Amethyst

This beautiful stone possesses different uses in numerous cultures, for example:

  • Egyptians used amethyst stone in rings and burial sites.
  • During Medieval Europe, soldiers wore talisman of amethyst to keep calm during battle.
  • Tibetans considered Amethyst a sacred stone, and would use it in their prayer beads.
  • It was used to adorn crowns, which made this stone associated with royalty.
  • In today’s world, it is associated with the month of February and is the zodiac sign for Pisces. It also complements both warm and cool skin tones, which makes this stone an ideal piece to wear.

Amethyst Jewelry

Nilson’s Amethyst Cross Necklace


A cross necklace is a great way to express a religious theme. Featuring an amethyst stone, this necklace is hand-sculpted using brass and then plated with chrome for a shiny effect.

Swarovski Crystals Purple Amethyst Drop Earrings


These drop earrings are inspired by the Art Nouveau period. Swarovski crystals dazzle against the amethyst stone making it a statement piece.

Chrome Amethyst Flower Cuff By Nilson Of Rio De Janeiro


Featuring three amethyst gemstones, this cuff is hand-sculpted in exquisite detail and then plated in gleaming chrome.