Around this time of year in New England, the weather becomes mild, the trees begin to turn green, and the air becomes fresher. It is the best time to get ready for spring cleaning and get your house in order for the new season.

Whether you have to dust your entire home thoroughly, clean window treatments, or organize the kitchen cabinet, you’ll want to finish it off with a refreshing scent to make your home feel crisp and clean.

And what better way to make your home smell continuously pure throughout the house than to add a natural scent to any room with a non-burning scented wax pottery vessel. Breathing in natural scents helps you breathe easier and minimizes allergy symptoms, which is why we are sharing with you the best non-burning scented wax vessels to add to your home today.

Wax Pottery Vessels

Garden Vanilla Wax Pottery Vessel



Decorative and natural fragrances are the best accessories for the home. This wax pottery vessel is embedded with a natural fragrance that releases a creamy vanilla scent with hints of lily and rose for a sweet and relaxed aroma.

Cherry Blossom Wax Potpourri Vessel


A beautiful long-lasting aromatic fragrance makes these wax vessels an ideal piece. Natural essences of citrus, apple, and cherry with a hint of sandalwood and vanilla musk redefine this decorative potpourri vessel.

Butterfly Garden Wax Potpourri Vessel


A butterfly signifies the season of change, joy, and color.  This hand-poured wax vessel has mixed scents of sweet herbs with a hint of cedarwood and lemon grass for a fresh, sweet, and earthy aroma.

Honeysuckle Yellow Vine Wax Pottery Vessel


Releasing a lovely scent in whichever room you decide to place it in, this wax pottery vessel is embedded with sweet honeysuckle blooms with a touch of leafy greens for a sweet, garden aroma.


The beautiful daisies embedded in the wax vessel make this a lovely décor accessory for the upcoming spring season. No matter where you place it, the non-burning fragrance will release a scent of French lavender and chamomile with a hint of citrus, rose petal, and clove for a refreshing, soothing, and soft aroma.