Jewelry in different colors and styles can express an individual’s personality. Some days, you might want to wear a more relaxed, casual outfit while still making a statement. Accessorizing with jewelry is a perfect way to mix different colors, as it will certainly create a unique look and a pop of color. Continue reading to explore 3 ways to wear more than one color of jewelry for an intricate ambiance.

Ombre Effect

Variation of the same stone or pearl gives off a beautiful ombre effect. The gradual combination of one color to another, going from light to dark creates a truly unique touch. A great thing about the ombre effect is how it sticks to a single color family, which makes it easy to create the perfect outfit around two or three shades.

Smadar’s Blue Mermaid Scales Necklace


Inspired by the fairy tales of mermaids, this necklace is handcrafted from gold-plated wire loops, which are then filled with enamel blue paint. After the paint is dried in the hollow center of each loop , each piece is arranged to form an ombre effect.

Murano Glass Burgundy Pearl Necklace


From cream to burgundy, this necklace puts a modern twist on the classic pearl necklace. It can be worn in the office or at a special event, adding an effortless elegance to any outfit. Hand-strung one at a time, each colored pearl is sorted into three strands, creating a beautiful effect that will turn all eyes on you.

Multi-Colored Gems

Colors from opposite sides of the spectrum radiate beautifully when combined against certain materials, such as sterling silver. Combining different colored gems is a great option for those who want to flaunt multiple gemstones on their neck or hands all at once. Wearing multiple colors will give off a fun, colorful touch to your day and evening look.

Avi Sterling Silver Statement Cuff With Multicolor Gemstones


This sterling silver cuff exudes the beauty of combining multiple gemstones into one jewelry piece by featuring garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, and citrine together.  Adding these beautiful accents to your look will give off a lively ambiance.

Iridescent Opal

Leon Nussbaum’s Sterling And Sparkle Necklace


Giving off a beautiful iridescent touch, this necklace is handcrafted of sterling silver and white opal with sparkling accents of cubic zirconia. Wearing this piece will certainly add color and sparkle to your simple dress attire.