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If you are not familiar with the Kentucky Derby, it’s a horse race event that happens annually. At this event, a woman’s hat adds the final touch to her look. This is not just any simple hat though, we are talking about an over the top, eye-catching hat because it is all about making the biggest statement! If you plan to attend this event, here is a guide to finding the perfect Kentucky Derby hat to celebrate this true southern occasion.

The Wide-Brimmed Hat


The ”MaryAnn” Sun Hat With Striped Bow

The wide-brimmed hat is the most popular and traditional accessory in the history of Kentucky Derby fashion. This particular style is associated with the “Southern Belle”. This style brings both fashion and function on a beautiful, sunny day. If wide-brimmed hats reflect your personal style, then give it a go! Handcrafted from woven straw, this hat is accented with a striped pastel bow for a playful touch.

The Cloche


The Sharon Natural Straw Hat With Flowers

Cloche hats are a classic flapper style hat. This style of hat is fitted and bell-shaped in a feminine way. Hand-pressed and shaped out of straw, this hat has a medium brim with a rounded crown. The floral accent adds a lovely touch and is finished with an earthy green ribbon for embellishment.

The Lampshade Hat


The ”Stella” Lavender And Fuchsia Derby Hat

A lampshade hat has a small circular crown and flares outward similar to a bucket hat. Handcrafted from sinamay straw, this dark lavender color will complement most skin tones. The silk fuchsia flowers adds a bold and elegant touch.

Hat Wearing Tips

It’s important to choose a hat that complements the shape of your face. The right hat will balance out your facial structure, which will then enhance your appearance. Follow our guidelines to help you choose the perfect hat for you:

Round Shaped face

Choose a hat with high brims, tall crowns, and sharp lines. Wear your hat slanted to flatter your facial structure. The crown of your hat should also be as wide as or wider than your face to balance it.

Heart Shaped Face

Any style hat will complement a heart shaped face. However, medium brimmed hats are a better choice because your chin may appear too narrow if the brim is too wide.

Oval Shaped Face

Oval faces can wear almost any style as long as the brim is no wider than the width of your shoulders.

Square Shaped Face

Wide brimmed hats worn on an angle will complement your facial structure. A hat with a rounded crown will help soften a strong square jawline.

Diamond Shaped Face

You can try a variety of styles since the widest part of your face is your cheekbones.

Rectangular Face Shape

Floppy hats with a short crown work best on this facial structure.