How to care for your hat

In the past, wearing hats was associated with wealth, status, and power. Today, we wear hats to accessorize an outfit, protect us from sun exposure, or as part of our uniform. Since hats are a noticeable accessory, they will in fact catch an onlooker’s attention. At Uno Alla Volta, we carry a variety of hats that are handmade from different materials. Learning how to properly take care of your handmade hats will for sure make them last for a lifetime.

Felted Wool


Felted wool will require some careful handling to maintain its longevity. This material needs to be gently hand washed in warm water with a small amount of dissolved soap or shampoo. Once washed, shake off the excess water and reshape your hat. Let the hat air dry and then lightly brush it. For maintenance, use a lint roller to remove lint and dust.

Natural Fiber


To keep your natural fiber hat lasting for ages, you need to avoid abrasive detergent. Hand wash the material in cool water with mild shampoo and add a small amount of vinegar to restore acidity. Do not bend or strain the hat because doing so could potentially deform it.

Packable Straw


Over time, you may have to deep clean your straw hat. You can do so by gently using a damp cloth. You can use an everyday home product like window cleaner for tougher stains. Straw hats should not be worn in the rain. If your straw hat does get wet, gently wipe it with a dry cloth and let the rest of the material dry in a shaded area. If necessary, steam your hat to reshape.

Storing your Hat

Store your hat inside a box or hang it from a peg to help it retain its shape and condition. This Vintage Style Hat Box will keep your favorite hat in pristine condition and safe from being misshaped.