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Ordinary glassware can easily be transformed into stylish works of art by applying acrylic paint, stucco, or even gold or silver leaf. To preserve its beautiful designs, you want to treat hand-painted glassware with special care. Here are the best ways to care for your hand-painted wine glasses.

Proper Way To Wash

The proper way to wash your glass is by holding it around the bottom of the glass. If you are handling a stemmed wine glass, do not hold it by the stem because it is a fragile piece that can break easily.

Proper Way To Rinse

Wash your wine glass in lukewarm water with mild dish soap. Hot water can cause the glass to crack. The best way to clean the dirty glass is to use a soft sponge attached to a handle in order  to reach tough spots. Make sure to avoid using anything stiff, which can potentially scratch the surface.

Proper Way To Clean

Let your glass air dry by placing the wine glass upside down on a soft towel. You can also use a lint-free cloth to dry off the glass and to prevent any water stains.

 Removing Stubborn Stains

Any wine residue can be dissolved using white vinegar. Allow enough time for the vinegar to dissolve the stains, and then rinse the glass with lukewarm water.

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