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Mother’s Day is the time to treat every superwoman in your life extra special. This day is celebrated in many parts of the world to show appreciation for mothers and mother figures. Whether it’s your mom, grandma, stepmom, or mother-in-law, we’ve got the best handmade gifts that she will appreciate for an eternity.

The Heart Locket

ARIZPT-462Leon Nussbaum’s Sterling Silver Heart Locket

A heart is a beautiful symbol of love. Send a heart locket necklace to a loved one displaying photos of yourself or your children. It’s a meaningful gift and it will add sophistication to any look. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this necklace will bring human connection to one’s life.

The Murano Glass Rose


Murano Glass Everlasting Red Rose

Unlike a real rose, this Murano glass red rose is everlasting which makes it truly special. Each glass petal is lampworked one at time using the techniques of hand-blowing and shaping.  Colored pieces of molten glass are added to obtain vibrant colors, creating a lovely sculpture for your loved one to treasure for a lifetime.

The Polish Pottery Vase


Polish Pottery Summer Time Handpainted Poppy And Sunflower Vase

Give your loved one the perfect vase to display their beautiful flowers! Featuring garden inspired motifs, a decorative vase will add an immense deal of charm to any space. Polish pottery is one of the finest potteries and it makes the perfect decorating piece for any home, which makes this vase one of the most perfect gifts.

The Hand-Painted Wine Glass


Hand-Gilded Sunflower Wine Glass

Stunning wine glasses are always an excellent gift for wine lovers. Pair your mom’s favorite bottle of wine with a beautiful hand-painted wine glass. With précised detail, stucco sunflowers are applied to the glass and then hand-painted with a layer of color and gold leaf.

The Bucket Bag


Florentine Leather Printed Floral Bucket Bag

Bucket bags have an appealing shape and are mainly made out of leather or suede. These roomy bucket bags are perfect for a mom who is constantly on-the-go!  The unique style and hand-cut tassel send an effortless ambience, which makes each cylindrical-shaped bag the ultimate bag for any mom!