Murano glass jewelry is beautifully handmade with delicate and striking glass beads. These handmade beads are created one at a time with different patterns and colors, and some may contain millefiori accents. To keep your jewelry in pristine condition, here are a few ways to care for your handmade Murano glass jewelry so you can treasure it for many years to come and pass it on to the next generation.

Storing Your Jewelry

To prevent your jewelry from accumulating dust, always store it in its original jewelry box. This will also prevent it from being damaged or lost. If you want to combine another piece of jewelry in the same box, then make sure to wrap each one with a soft tissue paper. This way your jewelry does not become tangled.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Clean your jewelry regularly. For best results, use a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry clean. You may also use a soft cotton fabric. Avoid using water to clean your jewelry, which can potentially damage the polish.

Prevent Your Jewelry From Damage

Keep your jewelry safe by avoiding any contact of perfume and hairspray, which can potentially tarnish the piece of jewelry. If you are applying makeup, it’s best to wait to put on jewelry until after you are done. Do not wear jewelry in the shower, swimming pool, or when playing sports.