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What Does The Name “Aquamarine” Mean?

Aquamarine is derived from the Latin words “aqua,” meaning “water,” and “marina,” meaning “of the sea.”

How Can I Spot It?

Aquamarine is a gem with oceanic color which ranges from light blue to dark blue to seafoam green. The purer the shade of blue, the more valuable the stone is. It has a natural clarity to it, sometimes even appearing to be transparent.

What Does It Symbolize?

As with all birthstones, aquamarine has long been associated with a number of healing and spiritual powers. As the first birthstone of the spring months, it is most commonly seen as a symbol of youth, rebirth, and hope.

Where Is It Found?

Aquamarine is found inside certain types of granite rocks. The first aquamarine gems were found in 1723, nestled deep in the mountains of Siberia. Today, it is mined mostly in Brazil, but it is also found in parts of Africa and even right here in the United States! At 14000 feet elevation, Mount Antero in Colorado has revealed some of the finest quality aquamarine gems in all the world.

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