Whether you delight in collecting Polish pottery for its vibrant and elaborate designs, or love it for its functionality in the kitchen, here’s a bit more about what makes it so unique:

• Each piece is brought to life by skilled ceramicists and painters in Poland according to artistic traditions dating back to the 14th century.
• Polish stoneware is made with high-quality white clay which is high-fired to attain its extreme durability and then covered in a special lead-free glaze which provides chip-resistant and non-stick properties. This unique handmade process makes Polish pottery safe to place in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer.
• The ornate designs on Polish pottery are entirely hand-painted. Carved sponges are used to stamp the larger shapes before fine brushwork brings each individual motif to life. The painting process can take many hours depending on the complexity of the design.
• Each piece of pottery is numbered and signed by the artist who painted it.
• It’s easy to clean! Polish pottery has a special non-porous and non-stick glaze which means soaking is not required after use in the kitchen.

Uno Alla Volta is proud to bring you exclusive Polish pottery straight from the source in the villages of Boleslawiec and Brzeg, Poland. Because we work directly with the artists to develop special patterns, what you see in our catalogs and on our website cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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