How Can I Spot It?

Traditionally, sapphire is a brilliant blue gem ranging from medium to royal blue. The more uniform the color, the higher the quality and thus the more valuable it is. Occasionally, sapphires may display a color other than blue, such as yellow, green, or violet. These are known as a “fancy sapphires.”

What Does It Symbolize?

The rich, royal blue color of many sapphires is commonly thought to symbolize just that – royalty and wealth. Like any gem, sapphire has long been thought to represent a number of other things, including innocence, truth, romantic love, and good health. Ancient Persians believed it was responsible for making the sky blue, and throughout history, it has been used in various religious ceremonies, as a source of protection against bad luck, and to decorate jewelry.

Where Is It Found?

Some of the finest and most valuable sapphire stones come from the South Asian island country of Sri Lanka. The first sapphires found in the United States were discovered in 1865 by miners in Montana.

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