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How Can I Spot It?

The word “garnet” is derived from the Latin word for Garanatus, which means seed-like, as it is similar to a pomegranate seed in both size and color. Although it is available in many colors, deep red happens to be the most common color of garnet.

What Does It Symbolize?

Garnet symbolizes health, prosperity, and regeneration, all of which are in our hopes when starting a fresh New Year.

During the Bronze Age, Egyptians would use garnet as an embellishment in their jewelry and carvings because it symbolized life.  In time, it also became very popular among the Romans and Ancient Greeks. Warriors during the Crusades used garnets as a lucky charm when going into battle because they believed it had healing powers.

Back in the biblical period, it is believed that a garnet stone led Noah’s Ark through the darkness and into the light. Today, people adore garnet mostly because of what it represents, and use it in jewelry, prayer beads, and the realm of spiritual healing.

Where Is It Found?

Unlike many other gemstones, garnet is found all over the world. It is mined in countries like Brazil, Russia, Namibia, and the United States. In fact, there are even a few popular garnet mines right here in Uno Alla Volta’s home state of Connecticut, making it the state mineral.

Here is some of our favorite handcrafted jewelry featuring this deep red stone:

“Gentle Breeze” Gemstone Necklace

image of ''Gentle Breeze'' Gemstone Necklace with sku:WR1830011

“Sunburst” Gemstone Necklace

image of ''Sunburst'' Gemstone Necklace with sku:WR1704011

“Gentle Breeze” Gemstone Earrings

image of ''Gentle Breeze'' Gemstone Earrings with sku:WR1830012

Joli’s Paisley Spiral Gemstone Earrings

image of Joli's Gemstone Paisley Spiral Hoop Earrings with sku:WR0212050

Gemstone Chakra Ring

image of Gemstone Chakra Adjustable Ring with sku:WR1216040

“Sunburst” Gemstone Earrings

image of ''Sunburst'' Gemstone Earrings with sku:WR1704012

Avi’s Garnet & Blue Topaz Cuff

image of Avi's Garnet & Blue Topaz Adjustable Cuff with sku:WR0158050