Partners in Creation

We are so proud to bring you this issue, which features our strongest autumnal offering since our very beginning back in 2002.

What a labor of love this has been for everyone involved. For our artisans who bring each individual work to life with their hearts as well as their hands. For our merchants who collaborate with those artisans to create products just for you. For our creative team who brings our handcrafted treasures to life in the two dimensions of ink on paper or pixels on a computer screen.

I have always considered myself to be a student of the creative process. Creativity is how many of us experience and express our own individuality. It is, I believe, one of the finest ways to fulfill the human potential.

Yet for all the wonders of individual creativity, I have recently discovered that when one can bring together people with very different gifts and meld their strengths and common vision, the result is often just shy of miraculous.

So what is my labor of love? Bringing together these incredibly talented creative forces and watching a whole evolve that is so much greater than the sum of its parts!


Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Sneak Peak: Your First Preview of Fall


The leaves will start to change color soon, so why not change your wardrobe along with it? Fall is a favorite season for many people, be it for the crisp smell of autumn air, the pumpkin spice flavor in our favorite foods, or even the start of a new school year. Get a jump start on the new season by discovering what we have in store for our fall looks.

Florentine Suede Fringe Clutch Purse


Exclusively Italian by design, materials and craftsmanship, this roomy tan suede clutch purse with hand-trimmed details is masterfully handcrafted, one at a time, in Florence, Italy by our artisans Elisabetta and Alessandra. These chic handbags have a devoted following, as they continue to anticipate fashion trends with sophisticated styles, luxurious leathers and exacting detail.

Patricia’s Brown Hand-Marbled Silk Scarf


Deep brown colors swirl together in the traditional hand-marbled pattern along this beautiful silk scarf from Patricia, our Connecticut artisan. Each one-of-a-kind scarf is made from 100% Habotai silk that is dyed and then water-marbled in small batches with rich pigments, with a hand-stitched edge.

Guatemalan Seed Bead Necklace


Highly-skilled artisans in Guatemala combine traditional techniques with a contemporary flair to handcraft this seed bead necklace. Each is composed of tiny, richly colored seed beads, intricately hand-strung onto multiple strands and crocheted into this unique pattern.

The “Carmella” Floppy Wool Hat


Our milliner Carole and her team of artisans handcraft this “Carmella” wool floppy hat one at a time in her Hudson River Valley studio. To create each floppy hat, 100% wool felt is pressed and shaped onto a heated mold, then adorned with a satin band and a vintage-inspired metal brooch.

Marjorie’s Mixed Metals Circle Pendant Necklace


Marjorie, our San Francisco artisan, handcrafts each mixed metals circle pendant necklace one at a time in her California studio. She once sold her early jewelry designs on the steps of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and now handcrafts each stunning piece on the Pacific coast. This necklace is formed with hand-cut and forged brass, both in its natural coloring and plated in sterling silver.

Marjorie’s Mixed Metals Drop Earrings


Each pair of Marjorie’s mixed metals drop earrings is composed of hand-cut and forged brass, both in its natural coloring and plated in sterling silver.

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Shimmering Treasures

With August nearing its end, keep summer going strong with our shimmering treasures to brighten up the rapidly approaching fall. These bright accessories will make you shine no matter what the weather brings! These treasures help you dress up a neutral outfit or add a bit of glam to an already bold look.

Lorena’s Torsade Of Shimmering Gold-Infused Murano Glass


To create each shimmering gold torsade necklace, Lorena of Murano handcrafts thousands of glass beads over a small flame, infusing each one with real gold foil. Lorena works with her mother and sister in their workshop to keep the artisan tradition alive, carefully hand-stringing each bead in this lavish necklace.

Jan Michaels’ Shimmering Golden Drusy Cuff


To create each shimmering golden drusy cuff, Jan Michaels combines her refined jewelry making skills with her keen design sense. This cuff showcases a dramatic drusy stone set on a bold brass base for a dramatic statement.

Elizabeth’s Shimmering Scarf


Elizabeth a customer favorite style when she designed this champagne shimmering scarf in her New York City garment studio loft. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of The Big Apple, Elizabeth’s unique eye wanted to recreate NYC’s sparkle within an accessory. This scarf does just that, with neutral-colored, metallic silk and a hand-beaded hem which glistens in the light. She’s quickly refreshed a shimmering favorite with subtle color and lots of sparkle, perfect for a night on the town.

Alessandra And Elisabetta’s Metallic Bucket Bag


Sister artisans Alessandra and Elisabetta lovingly handcraft each metallic bucket bag uno alla volta in their Florentine workshop. Using the masterful leatherworking techniques and exacting standards passed down to them by their ancestors, they skillfully create this bucket bag from the softest Italian suede in a fun, shimmering metallic shade. This handbag will add a touch of European style and flair to any outfit, and the quality of the materials make it both durable and fashionable.

Dazzling Bangles Set


Hundreds of dazzling hand-set crystals add sparkle to our set of three bangles, each highlighted by a differently shape stone. Each rhodium-plated brass bangle is handcrafted and textured one at a time in the Jiangsu province of China.

Daniel Lyons’ Sparkle And Shimmer Necklace


From our London jeweler comes this simply stunning necklace, featuring a brilliant, oversized Swarovski crystal nestled in a sculpted setting plated in gleaming rhodium, a metal more precious than platinum.

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Under the Sea

Regardless of whether or not you live near a coastline, treat yourself to a beach day with our underwater treasures. Use them around the house, add them to your favorite outfit, or pack them up and take them with you to the beach!

JoAnn’s “Life’s A Beach” Mug


This “Life’s A Beach” mug was skillfully handcrafted by JoAnn of the Poconos. During a mid-life transition, she decided to leave her high-stress corporate job and follow a lifelong curiosity for pottery. Her risk paid off, as she soon discovered her talent for creating colorful, whimsical stoneware. Today, she hand-throws each mug on a wheel, adds hand-cut details on one side and then fires, glazes and fires each one again.

Reverse-Painted Beach Pendant Necklace


To create this unique necklace, Mark of Hawaii reverse-paints a serene beach scene onto the back of a clear glass pendant, using only his fingertips.

Nautical Charm Bracelet With Swarovski Crystals


Our nautical charm bracelet features sailboat, ship’s wheel, anchor, starfish, and seahorse charms. Each ocean themed charm bracelet is plated with gold and decorated with sparking Swarovski crystals, bound to bring a shimmer of sunshine to your day.

Beachy Hawaiian Earrings and Necklace

Morgan of Hawaii draws inspiration from the paradise of her island home when creating this serene, beachy necklace and earrings set. Her jewelry will transport you to sunnier times, elevating your mood and your outfit. Each piece is set in 14k gold-filled wire and cured in resin, making it both waterproof and transparent.

Kim’s Sea Adventure Millefiori Necklace


Kim takes a whimsical turn with this colorful millefiori necklace. In her California studio, she layers multiple strips of colorful polymer clay, which are then stretched and pulled into canes and sliced into thin cross-sections. This nautical millefiori necklace features glass lampwork beads, coral accents, freshwater pearls and a whimsical fish clasp.

Margaret’s Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful beaches surrounding her home, Margaret of Virginia Beach enjoys creating friendly, beachy designs, such as these hand-painted ocean life wine glasses. In a meticulous seven-hour process, she hand-paints and bakes the design onto the glass to ensure that her wine glasses are dishwasher safe.

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Our New Color Crush: Pantone Green

Our newest color crush has finally arrived – the Pantone color of the year is officially Greenery!


Green proves to be the new neutral look. More subtle than fire engine red, green provides a pop of color without muting out the rest of your outfit. Unlike red, green is a color that goes with all shades of hair – whether you are a brunette, blonde, or redhead, green will complement your look. Green is also a color that can be worn all year long, and isn’t limited to one season. Go for lighter and brighter shades during spring and summer, then switch to deeper hues once fall and winter come along.

Our green accessories can be worn all year ‘round – pick the shade that fits you best!

Borsa Verde Green Handbag


Alessandra handcrafts each “borsa verde,” or green handbag, uno alla volta, at her workshop in Florence. Born into the leather craft business, Alessandra has the highest standards for materials, workmanship and style. Recently, she and her sister have taken the helm of the family business following the passing of their beloved father, Maurizio. This gorgeous leather handbag is absolutely stunning, the perfect bright accessory to bring a breath of fresh air to any outfit.

Joyita’s “Tree Of Life” Devore Silk Scarf


Drawing inspiration from the lush colors of California’s forests, Joyita masterfully creates each “Tree Of Life” scarf in devore silk. After hand-painting the fabric with brilliant silk dyes, she dries each scarf for 24 hours before steam-setting the glorious colors.

Emerald Sparkle Venetian Glass Necklace


Designers Valentina and Alessandra hand-string each emerald sparkle Venetian glass necklace one at a time in their Italian studio. This necklace is comprised of a variety of lampworked beads, carefully strung into a unique design.

Forest Green Suede Tassel Bucket Handbag


Alessandra masterfully handcrafts this roomy forest green bucket-style Italian suede handbag in her family-run workshop in Florence, Italy. Alessandra and her sister, Elisabetta, continue to anticipate fashion trends with sophisticated styles, luxurious leathers and exacting detail. Their chic handbags have developed a strong following, which makes us happy to offer you this bag, handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. Each handbag features a forest green suede base featuring a hand-cut light tan suede tassel and braided leather handles.

Green Marbled Italian Leather Journal


To handcraft each green marbled journal, our Italian artisans begin with a base of fine Florentine leather. To create the marbleized cover, the leather is dipped into a bath of colorful, swirling pigments. Once the unique design on the soft Italian leather is complete, the leather and lined paper are bound together.

Carole’s “Jacqueline” Sun Hat With Green Bow


Our 100% packable straw sun hat, the “Jacqueline,” is handcrafted by Carole, our milliner, and her team of artisans in New York’s Hudson River Valley. To create each sun hat, which is specially designed for easy packing, straw is pressed and shaped into a heated mold, then adorned with a dramatic hand-trimmed lime green bow.

Alessandra And Elisabetta’s Italian Suede Bag With Green Stone Accent


This suede bag with a green stone accent was skillfully handcrafted by Alessandra and Elisabetta, our Italian leather handbag artisans. Using the masterful leatherworking techniques and exacting standards passed down to them by their ancestors, these sisters create each bag from the softest Italian suede. The braided leather handles and bold circular stone accent bring this bag from classic to contemporary.

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Darling Daisies

Another favorite flower of summer is undoubtedly darling daisies. These delicate flowers represent purity and innocence, and their name has a very interesting origin. It is thought to believe that the name ‘daisy’ comes from the Old English words ‘daes eag’, meaning ‘dad’s eye’, so named due to the way in which the flower opens as the sun rises.

Indulge in delicate daisies with our treasures inspired by the beautiful flowers.

Tuscan Daisies Frame


In their Florence, Italy workshop, our married team of artisans, Giuliano and Maria Neve, husband and wife for over 40 years create this delicate daisy picture frame. This versatile frame can be used horizontally or vertically, holding photos of various sizes between two panels of glass. Treasure your most spectacular moments with this gorgeous frame, bound to bring attention to any guest.

Hand-Gilded White Daisy Wine Glass


In their Verona, Italy workshop, we collaborated with our artisan Amedeo and his sons, Roberto and Valentino to come up with this white daisy wine glass design. Each decoration begins as a sketch placed within the glass to be used as a guide. They draw the design freehand on the surface of the glass with stucco, and then carefully apply a layer of pure gold before adding the translucent colors. Bring an exotic touch of spring to any table setting, as this gorgeous wine glass is bound to captivate any guest.

Hana’s “Darling Daisies” Necklace


Our Georgia artisan takes inspiration from nature and the traditional Bohemian style of glassmaking to design this fresh and feminine “Darling Daisies” necklace. Once the design is complete, she collaborates with her partner artisans in the Czech Republic to bring her artistic vision to life. Each lightweight, memory wire piece is adorned with glass in this darling daisy pattern.

Hana’s “Darling Daisies” Earrings


Hana, our Georgia artisan, takes inspiration from nature and the traditional Bohemian style of glassmaking to design these exquisite “Darling Daisies” earrings. Once the design is complete, she collaborates with her partner artisans in the Czech Republic to bring her floral treasures to fruition.

Capodimonte Porcelain Daisies


These Capodimonte porcelain daisies are crafted from the finest of Italian artistic pottery, with a history beginning in Naples in 1738. In that year, artists used clays of pure white color and the finest grain brought in from Calabria to create highly detailed objects, rivaling the best of other European courts. Almost 300 years later, each piece is still individually handcrafted in the most meticulous detail.

Recycled Glass Daisy Nightlight


Our eco-conscious Florida artisans recycle and repurpose discarded glass to create this daisy nightlight, one at a time. Let the floral wonder of springtime bloom in your home with this sweet home accent. Each colorful cover is fused in an energy efficient kiln, and no two will be exactly alike.

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Season of Sunflowers

It is nearly impossible to think about a warm day in August without the thought of sunflowers coming to mind. These vibrant, beautiful flowers have long been associated with adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Did you know that sunflowers are so named because they follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west? They quite literally soak up the rays of the sun!

Bask in the season of sunflowers with these handcrafted treasures, which are sure to brighten up even your rainiest day!

Antonino’s “Girasoli Sulla Baia” Intarsia


“Girasoli Sulla Baia,” this beautiful scene’s name, is Italian for “Sunflowers On The Bay.” Antonino crafts each intarsia, uno alla volta, before finishing it with many coats of a glistening lacquer. This signed wooden wall art treasure is intended to be passed from generation to generation.

Christina’s “Bountiful Sunflower” Hand-Painted Vase


Inspired by the beauty of her natural surroundings in Northern California, Christina creates each exquisite hand-painted glass vase to bring nature’s beauty indoors. Bountiful, majestic sunflowers are hand-painted in a dual technique as Christina calls upon precious memories of her parents’ garden for inspiration.

Capodimonte Porcelain Sunflower


Each sunflower is made of Capodimonte porcelain: the finest of Italian artistic pottery, with a history beginning in Naples in 1738. In that year, artists used clays of pure white color and the finest grain brought in from Calabria to create highly detailed objects rivaling the best of other European courts. Almost 300 years later, each piece is still individually handcrafted in the most meticulous detail.

Sunflower And Pomegranate Wreath


Artisans in Baja California, Mexico handcraft a floral treasure with this sunflower and pomegranate wreath. This wreath is assembled by hand with a variety of preserved and dried natural leaves with flowers, and finished with natural dried pomegranates and sunflowers.

Hand-Gilded Sunflower Wine Glass


In a third-generation workshop in Verona, Italy, Amedeo and his two sons, Valentino and Roberto, transform ordinary glass pieces into luminous works of art, with no two exactly alike. After applying stucco flowers to the glass, a layer of color and gold leaf is added by hand. Once completely dry, each is hand-polished to a gleaming luster.

Sunflower Wall Heart


Our Minnesota father-and-son team handcrafts this exquisite arrangement, skillfully shaping the forms of petals and leaves from ash wood, then handcrafting just the right frame of walnut and oak. Arrange the delicate components as you like!

Recycled Glass Sunflower Nightlight


Our eco-conscious Florida artisans handcraft this sunflower nightlight using recycled glass, one at a time. For nearly two decades they have perfected upcycling discarded glass into unique translucent nightlights, like this sunflower nightlight. For each nightlight, recycled glass is selected and then designed to create this sunflower shape, after that the glass is fused in an energy efficient kiln.

Handpainted Polish Pottery Sunflower Mug and Cake Plate Set


Celebrate summer with this handcrafted Polish pottery mug and plate set adorned with a garden of sunflowers. Tea time and coffee breaks were never more convenient, with a plate to hold your snack built right in. Our master artisans use carved sponges and fine brushwork to meticulously add flower and butterfly details. Each Polish pottery sunflower mug and plate set is then glazed and fired at high temperatures for everlasting beauty, and to make them microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Handcrafted Histories

Reading palms has been a common practice since Babylonian times. As a lifelong lover of artisanal goods, I’ve developed my own kind of palmistry: a unique ability to read someone through the details of their handiwork. I can recite the histories of their chosen techniques, trace the cultural influences that contributed to their personal style, and even predict what they might create next, all from glancing at their handcrafted goods.

This “sixth sense,” if you will, has led me to every corner of the globe, and allowed me to time-travel alongside my artisans. It connects me to the first known potters in The Czech Republic in 29,000 BC as much as it does to my friends Weronika and Jacek in their buzzing stoneware workshop in Poland. Carole, our milliner, creates her hats on tried and true 100 year old equipment. After all, if it’s not broken, why fix it? Similarly, our Italian artisans keep the centuries-old tradition of lampworking alive each time they light their small gas torches. In their muscle memory, I can read history’s long and winding tales.

In our cold culture of missed connections, I implore you to read between the lines of someone else’s handiwork to understand what goes on in their heart, their head, and their life itself. Through this practice, the way in which I view the past, present, and future of our collective human consciousness has been wholly altered.


Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Growing Toward The Sun

Walk into a field of sunflowers. Okay. Now frown. Yes, I am serious. I dare you.

What do you mean you can’t do it? I know. I know. I can’t either. No matter what’s going on in the world around me, no matter what I may be facing in my life at the moment, bring me to that field (or even a tiny patch of sunflowers next to a decaying urban parking lot) and my brain is flooded with happy chemicals.

What is it about these beauties? They are anything but delicate. Meaty, strong, and nurturing, sunflowers have provided essential nutritional qualities throughout most cultures and times periods. As they drink in the sun’s rays, they climb and they climb.

Have you noticed that no matter how big and how tall any individual sunflower grows, she never blocks the sun from reaching her brothers and sisters? Rather, she seems to inspire them to be the best they can be. Shhh… I think I hear her.

Smile with me.
Grow with me.
And pass the message along.


Terri S. Alpert
Founder & CEO


Safari Sensations

Get in touch with your wild side with these sensational safari-themed treasures for your home and to wear.

Hand-Etched Safari Glassware


African in inspiration, culture and workmanship, these safari-themed glasses are meticulously hand-etched by Luo tribesmen of Kenya. Your purchase provides the artisans with a livelihood and better education for their children. This set of four glasses each come with one of each design: Elephant, Lion, Giraffe, and Cheetah.

Saud’s Giraffe Wooden Wall Art


To create each piece, our New Jersey artisan, Saud, engraves a meticulously-detailed design into natural wood using a laser-cutter, combined with hand-sanding and staining techniques. He combines the natural grains and texture of wood with strong yet elegant lines. Using local raw and ethically-sourced materials, each piece unveils a story that combines the nature and beauty of life simultaneously. The majestic giraffe will elegantly grace any wall in your home.

Hand-Carved Safari Bowl


Each dramatic bowl is meticulously hand-carved from native jacaranda wood by Akamba tribesmen in Mombasa, Kenya. Once carved, the wood is sanded down to a smooth finish and hand-painted with natural colored dyes, and six majestic animals encircling the rim. A clear wax finish, applied by hand, gives shine and character to each piece.

Letizia’s Giraffe Doorstop


In her tiny workshop in the heart of Florence, Letizia brings to life adorable creatures made from fine Florentine upholstery and drapery fabrics, such as this doorstop. Her giraffe is both adorable and refined at the same time. He will hold open your door, make you smile and start many conversations.

Cristina’s Venetian Cheetah Earrings


Cristina, our Venetian glass artisan, lampworks each pair of cheetah earrings one at a time in her studio. Venetian glass is lampworked over a small flame to encapsulate this fun cheetah print inside each glimmering bead.

Amber And Brass Giraffe Figurine


In his Russian studio, master artist, Vladimir creates our exquisite safari amber and brass giraffe figurine. Each unique giraffe design is hand-sculpted from clay, cast in gleaming brass and then affixed to chunks of genuine, polished amber.

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