4 Handmade Accents for Your Nursery

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Decorating a nursery for the first time is one of the countless things to be excited about when expecting. Everything from wall art to stuffed animals will add the final touch to your baby’s room. If you are currently searching for ideas on how to decorate your nursery, here are 5 handmade accents that you will adore and be able to pass on for many generations.

Fox Recycled Glass Nightlight


Light up the room with an adorable nightlight. Nightlights create the perfect nighttime glow for your little one. This fox nightlight will go perfectly with an animal-themed nursery room. Handcrafted from recycled glass, each nightlight is fused in an energy-efficient kiln.

Hand Painted Giraffe Wall Art


Wall art is the perfect accent to complete the look of your baby’s room. Whether it’s stars, alphabets, flowers, or animals, inspire your baby’s imagination with adorable wall art to look at. This sweet giraffe wall art is sketched on a canvas and then hand-painted in lively colors.

Kelsey’s Porcelain Clay Owl Trinkets


Celebrate your newborn with timeless trinkets. These adorable owls are the perfect size to place on your baby’s shelf next to a library of children’s books. These owl trinkets are made from porcelain clay and meticulously hand-painted with vibrant colors.

Reversible Florentine Seahorse Pillow


Do you want to decorate your nursery with a coastal or nautical theme? A coastal themed nursery is very welcoming and relaxing, an environment that all moms need. Hand-stitched with unique patterns, this seahorse pillow will bring the ocean to your home in a vibrant way.

May Birthstone: Emerald


Emerald is the official birthstone for the month of May. This stone is a beautiful, rich, cool green color that was treasured by Cleopatra during her reign. The word “emerald” is derived from the Persian word “green gem”, which symbolizes peace, growth, and healing. Want to learn more?  Let’s explore more about this calming stone:

The Formation of Emeralds

Emerald crystals grow one molecule at a time, which takes adequate time and space. Emeralds are formed in a hydrothermal process, which occurs when hydrothermal fluids break away from magma that is deep in the Earth’s crust. However, some emeralds are formed in pegmatite deposits, which can be found in sheets of rock. When conditions are perfect, emerald crystals will begin to form.

The History of Emeralds

Throughout history, many royal families adored emerald. In ancient Egypt, they would place emerald stone in jewelry and burials. In India, crowns were embellished with these luscious stones. Elizabeth Taylor, a British-American actress, businesswoman, and humanitarian also has a collection of emerald jewelry, which consists of necklaces, rings, and brooches.

Emerald Jewelry


Murano Glass Emerald Sparkle Necklace


Carefully strung one at a time, this stunning emerald Murano glass necklace is layered with a variety of lampworked beads.

Michal Golan’s Cobalt And Emerald Mosaic Square Earrings


This pair of earrings is embellished with pieces of emerald mixed with dazzling blue gems and glass beads.

Art Deco Emerald Green Crystal Bracelet


Accented with dazzling Swarovski crystals in emerald and white, this luxurious ring is plated with rhodium, giving off a gleaming touch.


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is the time to treat every superwoman in your life extra special. This day is celebrated in many parts of the world to show appreciation for mothers and mother figures. Whether it’s your mom, grandma, stepmom, or mother-in-law, we’ve got the best handmade gifts that she will appreciate for an eternity.

The Heart Locket

ARIZPT-462Leon Nussbaum’s Sterling Silver Heart Locket

A heart is a beautiful symbol of love. Send a heart locket necklace to a loved one displaying photos of yourself or your children. It’s a meaningful gift and it will add sophistication to any look. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this necklace will bring human connection to one’s life.

The Murano Glass Rose


Murano Glass Everlasting Red Rose

Unlike a real rose, this Murano glass red rose is everlasting which makes it truly special. Each glass petal is lampworked one at time using the techniques of hand-blowing and shaping.  Colored pieces of molten glass are added to obtain vibrant colors, creating a lovely sculpture for your loved one to treasure for a lifetime.

The Polish Pottery Vase


Polish Pottery Summer Time Handpainted Poppy And Sunflower Vase

Give your loved one the perfect vase to display their beautiful flowers! Featuring garden inspired motifs, a decorative vase will add an immense deal of charm to any space. Polish pottery is one of the finest potteries and it makes the perfect decorating piece for any home, which makes this vase one of the most perfect gifts.

The Hand-Painted Wine Glass


Hand-Gilded Sunflower Wine Glass

Stunning wine glasses are always an excellent gift for wine lovers. Pair your mom’s favorite bottle of wine with a beautiful hand-painted wine glass. With précised detail, stucco sunflowers are applied to the glass and then hand-painted with a layer of color and gold leaf.

The Bucket Bag


Florentine Leather Printed Floral Bucket Bag

Bucket bags have an appealing shape and are mainly made out of leather or suede. These roomy bucket bags are perfect for a mom who is constantly on-the-go!  The unique style and hand-cut tassel send an effortless ambience, which makes each cylindrical-shaped bag the ultimate bag for any mom!

How to Care for Your Hand-Painted Wine Glasses

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Ordinary glassware can easily be transformed into stylish works of art by applying acrylic paint, stucco, or even gold or silver leaf. To preserve its beautiful designs, you want to treat hand-painted glassware with special care. Here are the best ways to care for your hand-painted wine glasses.

Proper Way To Wash

The proper way to wash your glass is by holding it around the bottom of the glass. If you are handling a stemmed wine glass, do not hold it by the stem because it is a fragile piece that can break easily.

Proper Way To Rinse

Wash your wine glass in lukewarm water with mild dish soap. Hot water can cause the glass to crack. The best way to clean the dirty glass is to use a soft sponge attached to a handle in order  to reach tough spots. Make sure to avoid using anything stiff, which can potentially scratch the surface.

Proper Way To Clean

Let your glass air dry by placing the wine glass upside down on a soft towel. You can also use a lint-free cloth to dry off the glass and to prevent any water stains.

 Removing Stubborn Stains

Any wine residue can be dissolved using white vinegar. Allow enough time for the vinegar to dissolve the stains, and then rinse the glass with lukewarm water.

Check out our hand-painted wine glasses here.

How to Care for Your Handmade Hat

How to care for your hat

In the past, wearing hats was associated with wealth, status, and power. Today, we wear hats to accessorize an outfit, protect us from sun exposure, or as part of our uniform. Since hats are a noticeable accessory, they will in fact catch an onlooker’s attention. At Uno Alla Volta, we carry a variety of hats that are handmade from different materials. Learning how to properly take care of your handmade hats will for sure make them last for a lifetime.

Felted Wool


Felted wool will require some careful handling to maintain its longevity. This material needs to be gently hand washed in warm water with a small amount of dissolved soap or shampoo. Once washed, shake off the excess water and reshape your hat. Let the hat air dry and then lightly brush it. For maintenance, use a lint roller to remove lint and dust.

Natural Fiber


To keep your natural fiber hat lasting for ages, you need to avoid abrasive detergent. Hand wash the material in cool water with mild shampoo and add a small amount of vinegar to restore acidity. Do not bend or strain the hat because doing so could potentially deform it.

Packable Straw


Over time, you may have to deep clean your straw hat. You can do so by gently using a damp cloth. You can use an everyday home product like window cleaner for tougher stains. Straw hats should not be worn in the rain. If your straw hat does get wet, gently wipe it with a dry cloth and let the rest of the material dry in a shaded area. If necessary, steam your hat to reshape.

Storing your Hat

Store your hat inside a box or hang it from a peg to help it retain its shape and condition. This Vintage Style Hat Box will keep your favorite hat in pristine condition and safe from being misshaped.

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Kentucky Derby Hat

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If you are not familiar with the Kentucky Derby, it’s a horse race event that happens annually. At this event, a woman’s hat adds the final touch to her look. This is not just any simple hat though, we are talking about an over the top, eye-catching hat because it is all about making the biggest statement! If you plan to attend this event, here is a guide to finding the perfect Kentucky Derby hat to celebrate this true southern occasion.

The Wide-Brimmed Hat


The ”MaryAnn” Sun Hat With Striped Bow

The wide-brimmed hat is the most popular and traditional accessory in the history of Kentucky Derby fashion. This particular style is associated with the “Southern Belle”. This style brings both fashion and function on a beautiful, sunny day. If wide-brimmed hats reflect your personal style, then give it a go! Handcrafted from woven straw, this hat is accented with a striped pastel bow for a playful touch.

The Cloche


The Sharon Natural Straw Hat With Flowers

Cloche hats are a classic flapper style hat. This style of hat is fitted and bell-shaped in a feminine way. Hand-pressed and shaped out of straw, this hat has a medium brim with a rounded crown. The floral accent adds a lovely touch and is finished with an earthy green ribbon for embellishment.

The Lampshade Hat


The ”Stella” Lavender And Fuchsia Derby Hat

A lampshade hat has a small circular crown and flares outward similar to a bucket hat. Handcrafted from sinamay straw, this dark lavender color will complement most skin tones. The silk fuchsia flowers adds a bold and elegant touch.

Hat Wearing Tips

It’s important to choose a hat that complements the shape of your face. The right hat will balance out your facial structure, which will then enhance your appearance. Follow our guidelines to help you choose the perfect hat for you:

Round Shaped face

Choose a hat with high brims, tall crowns, and sharp lines. Wear your hat slanted to flatter your facial structure. The crown of your hat should also be as wide as or wider than your face to balance it.

Heart Shaped Face

Any style hat will complement a heart shaped face. However, medium brimmed hats are a better choice because your chin may appear too narrow if the brim is too wide.

Oval Shaped Face

Oval faces can wear almost any style as long as the brim is no wider than the width of your shoulders.

Square Shaped Face

Wide brimmed hats worn on an angle will complement your facial structure. A hat with a rounded crown will help soften a strong square jawline.

Diamond Shaped Face

You can try a variety of styles since the widest part of your face is your cheekbones.

Rectangular Face Shape

Floppy hats with a short crown work best on this facial structure.

4 Colorful Home Treasures


Is your home due for an update? Adding bursts of color to your home will bring life to any space. Colorful decorative accents are a great way to transition from winter to spring and summer. Bring a rainbow of hues into your home with these one-of-a-kind treasures.

Hand-Woven Fuchsia Spring Basket


Baskets are great for storage; you can organize your blankets, magazines, towels, and other essentials in them. This hand-woven basket is a fun accent for the home as it features bright colors of red, orange, and fuchsia. Derek of Atlanta, Georgia handcrafts this vibrant basket from grapevine and rattan, which are dyed by hand one at a time.

”Just Looking” Watercolor Wall Art


Watercolor art has a luminous effect; this technique comes to life when a variety of paints mixes in a water-based solution. Our duo of artisans, Jen and Phyllis from Ventura, California, print this artwork onto a piece of aluminum to bring it to life. This whimsical cat wall art will for sure add character and illuminate any room with its vibrant colors.

Marks Iridescent Feather Vase


This extraordinary vase gives off an iridescent effect. It reflects a rainbow of color from every angle you turn. Whether this vase is placed on your entry table or mantel with or without flowers, all of your guests will take notice of this impressive piece.

Lucky Elephant Kaleidoscope

RIOUXELEPHANT_01Display this spectacular piece in your bedroom, office, or living room to liven up the space. Our artisan Sue Rioux of Maine creates each detailed kaleidoscope that shifts and changes colors when you peer through the hole. Children and even adults will enjoy every bit of this intricate design.

Polish Pottery Spotlight: Easter


Easter is one of the most special times of the year. It is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This wonderful holiday is also associated with the Easter bunny, jelly beans, egg hunts, and chocolate. If you are planning to host an Easter gathering or send a gift to a loved one, we have the perfect Polish pottery springtime collection that you will absolutely adore. This wonderful pottery is glazed and fired at high temperatures for high durability. Continue reading to explore our Polish Pottery Easter treasures.

2019 Springtime Polish Pottery Bunny Deviled Egg Dish


Deviled eggs are the perfect appetizer for Easter. These treats are truly delicious and easy to make.  If you are looking for something adorable to display your scrumptious deviled eggs this year, our Polish artisans in Boleslawiec, Poland skillfully handcraft each dish using local white clay.

Polish Pottery Gia Easter Egg


Make the most of your Easter baskets and add some home décor goodies in there! This floral Easter egg is handcrafted from ceramic and hand-painted with carved sponges and fine brushwork. Featuring vibrant floral patterns, this egg can be placed on your mantel, dining room table, or coffee table for a festive touch.

2019 Springtime Polish Pottery Vase


There is nothing like a richly colored vase filled with spring flowers. This decorative vase is the perfect flower arrangement to celebrate Easter, making it a beautiful treasure to have for many years to come. Displaying a vase full of flowers will for sure liven up your space for you and your guests to enjoy.

2019 Springtime Polish Pottery Bunny Salt And Pepper ShakersKALICH1334SP19

Salt and pepper shakers are a must-have for any dining table since it is a big essential for parties and everyday use. These cute ceramic bunnies are bursting with life in vibrant colors and floral patterns. Get festive for the big day with these everlasting seasonal treasures.

2019 Springtime Polish Pottery Coffee Mug And Cake SetKALICH254CC19

Have your morning coffee with a plate to hold your breakfast, too! This mug and plate set is perfect for Easter morning and generally the spring season. It is beautifully handmade by our master artisans who hand-paint springtime flowers to signal the time of renewal.

4 Essentials For Your Spring Gathering


There is something about spring in New England that signals a time of gathering with friends and family. It’s also a time of renewal because everything seems to come to life again. The temperature rises, the flowers bloom, and the kids go outside to play. If you are planning to host an outdoor get together to maintain the meaningful connections in your life, here are 4 essentials for your spring gathering that will bring a beautiful pop of color around and on the picnic table for all of your guests to see.


Have your guests listen to the music of the wind by hanging a whimsical wind chime on a tree. Wind chimes are an ideal way to reflect your style whether it is classic or coastal. If you are looking for outdoor décor to go with your sea-inspired theme party, this seahorse wind chime features a copper alloy nana bell and colorful glass beads.

Springtime Slate Coasters Set Of 4


When hosting a party, we all want to serve our beverages on beautiful tabletop accessories. Coasters are a great way to do that while keeping our tables clear from condensation. These vibrant and unique coasters are handmade using alcohol inks and natural slate. Each coaster features either a bird or an insect, which symbolizes springtime.

Murano Style Tumbler Glasses


Entertain your guests in style by serving your drinks in colorful glasses. These Murano-style glasses will for sure catch your guests’ eyes; the bold colors of blue, yellow, orange, and red are perfect for the warm season. Each patterned glass is formed by rolling molten glass in vibrant glass chips before it’s hand-blown one at a time.

Hand Painted Sunflower Serving Bowl From Italy


Are you looking to bring the Italian countryside to your picnic party? Bowls are perfect for serving refreshing fruit or potato salad for picnics. This hand-painted sunflower mosaic pattern is an attractive piece for the springtime. Handmade skillfully from ceramic, it will bring sunflowers to your tablescape for a joyful ambiance.

3 Ways To Wear More Than One Color of Jewelry


Jewelry in different colors and styles can express an individual’s personality. Some days, you might want to wear a more relaxed, casual outfit while still making a statement. Accessorizing with jewelry is a perfect way to mix different colors, as it will certainly create a unique look and a pop of color. Continue reading to explore 3 ways to wear more than one color of jewelry for an intricate ambiance.

Ombre Effect

Variation of the same stone or pearl gives off a beautiful ombre effect. The gradual combination of one color to another, going from light to dark creates a truly unique touch. A great thing about the ombre effect is how it sticks to a single color family, which makes it easy to create the perfect outfit around two or three shades.

Smadar’s Blue Mermaid Scales Necklace


Inspired by the fairy tales of mermaids, this necklace is handcrafted from gold-plated wire loops, which are then filled with enamel blue paint. After the paint is dried in the hollow center of each loop , each piece is arranged to form an ombre effect.

Murano Glass Burgundy Pearl Necklace


From cream to burgundy, this necklace puts a modern twist on the classic pearl necklace. It can be worn in the office or at a special event, adding an effortless elegance to any outfit. Hand-strung one at a time, each colored pearl is sorted into three strands, creating a beautiful effect that will turn all eyes on you.

Multi-Colored Gems

Colors from opposite sides of the spectrum radiate beautifully when combined against certain materials, such as sterling silver. Combining different colored gems is a great option for those who want to flaunt multiple gemstones on their neck or hands all at once. Wearing multiple colors will give off a fun, colorful touch to your day and evening look.

Avi Sterling Silver Statement Cuff With Multicolor Gemstones


This sterling silver cuff exudes the beauty of combining multiple gemstones into one jewelry piece by featuring garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, and citrine together.  Adding these beautiful accents to your look will give off a lively ambiance.

Iridescent Opal

Leon Nussbaum’s Sterling And Sparkle Necklace


Giving off a beautiful iridescent touch, this necklace is handcrafted of sterling silver and white opal with sparkling accents of cubic zirconia. Wearing this piece will certainly add color and sparkle to your simple dress attire.