Worthwhile Reads To Get You Through A Snow Day

Walk Through Walls by Marina Abramović

Call this an escape narrative, a memoir, a retrospective, or an exercise in navel-gazing, but Marina Abramović is a wild-hearted woman with a story worth sharing. This text, much like the artist herself, is raw, honest, and permeating. The story is meant to tug at the loose threads of the ordinary and to challenge the status quo, rich with tales of faraway lands boundary-breaking subcultures. Much like the unflinching gaze that characterized Abramović’s show-stopping, nearly three month long performance at the Museum of Modern Art, this book was written to leave the reader feeling forever changed.

The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy’s writing transcends every boundary of literature. The lyrical, sing-song quality of her words never wavers, even as the plot ebbs and flows, and her third person omniscient narration moves from character to character. Where there are no words, she invents them. Her fiction is so rich and exceptionally crafted that there is a twenty-year gap between this novel and her first, which is entitled The God Of Small Things. Roy states, of her own irreverently passionate prose: “I am hysterical. I’m screaming from the bloody rooftops. And he and his smug little club are going ‘Shhhh… you’ll wake the neighbors!’ I want to wake the neighbors, that’s my whole point. I want everybody to open their eyes.”

Born With Teeth by Kate Mulgrew

Whether you know her as Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager or Galina “Red” Reznikov from Orange Is The New Black, Kate Mulgrew’s work as an actress has inspired viewers for decades. In her memoir, she reminisces upon the secret hardships of her life outside the spotlight, from her mother’s love affair with the town priest to the child she gave up for adoption as a young adult. With strong Irish Catholic roots but an artist’s reach toward the stars, Mulgrew chronicles the “growing pains” along her path to Hollywood.


This adorable sterling silver bookmark is just begging to be tucked into the pages of your favorite story. Tell us about your favorite book below!


Meet Cristina And Pierluigi

Our artisans Cristina and Pierluigi of Venice have a love story as beautiful and unique as the jewelry they create together. This pair met at a baptism thirty years ago, where their friends had selected Cristina as the godmother and Pierluigi as the godfather. It was love at first sight, and they were married two months after they first met. Three decades later, they now have two grown children, a thriving jewelry business, and a lifetime of love to reflect on together. The illusion heart pendants they create one at a time in their studio would make brilliant declarations of love for your Valentines!


Shop their signature illusion heart necklaces and other masterful designs here!


Even this sweet photograph doesn’t do this pair justice! Cristina and Pierluigi are still as in love as the day they met, and gush, giggle, and blush over one another to this day.

Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

When the weather is cold and the sunset comes early, we all enjoy quiet, cozy nights inside. Here are some date night ideas that just might become your newest traditions:

-Exchange handwritten letters. This old-world tradition will leave you with timeless keepsakes. Make this a yearly tradition and you can keep a box of letters to re-read and reminisce on.

-Cook dinner together, or bake your favorite dessert. Or both! Either way, sharing these tasks will turn them from chores to fun activities, and you’ll also have a delicious meal when the work is finished.

-Have a movie night with your favorite romantic movies, and a glass of wine or sparkling cider.

-Break out the board games! It’s a great time for a little bit of healthy competition.

-Indulge in the finer things. Use the “good dishes,” light those candles you’ve been saving, and wear your most expensive perfume. Even better, buy your favorite ingredients from the grocery store and forget about the price tag, just for tonight!

-Fondue night! Whether you love chocolate or cheese, this fun way to eat is perfect for a romantic night in.

Have any favorite Valentine’s Day traditions you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

From London, With Love

Inspired by a lifetime of travel, Daniel Lyons of London designs unique jewelry pieces that span a range of artistic styles and celebrate every holiday and season. These adorable hearts feature colorful jeweler’s enamel, Swarovski crystal accents, and gleaming rhodium, both in its natural color and plated with gold. Available in a variety of colors, you’re sure to find a set that’s perfect for your Valentine!


Daniel Lyons’ Red Heart Swarovski Crystal Charm Bracelet


Daniel Lyons’ Red Heart Swarovski Crystal Earrings


Daniel Lyons’ Blue And Purple Heart Charm Bracelet


Daniel Lyons’ Cobalt Blue Enamel And Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings


Daniel Lyons’ Sky Blue Enamel And Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings


Daniel Lyons’ Magenta Enamel And Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings


Daniel Lyons’ Purple Enamel And Swarovski Crystal Heart Earrings

Grammy Awards Celebration

Broadcasting live from Madison Square Garden and hosted by James Cordon of The Late Late Show, the 2018 Grammy Awards are looking better than ever. Whether you listen to country, rock and roll, jazz, pop, or gospel, you can celebrate your love of music with these handcrafted treasures. Don’t forget to tune in on January 28th!


Elena’s Musical Scarf


Leon Nussbaum’s Opal And Sterling Silver Treble Clef Pin/Pendant


Double Switch Plate Cover With Music Notes


Hand-Carved Guitar Keepsake Box


Pewter Music Magnet Set


Nothing shapes my sense of life and living so much as love in all its various forms.

Funny, how we use the same word to link us with our parents and grandparents, that we use to link us with our children and grandchildren. We use this word for the romantic connections and for the platonic.

What does it really mean when I say “I love you?” I barely scratch the surface when I say it means that you bring meaning to my life. It means that I define myself in part by our relationship with each other. It means you ground me and you help me soar high and I hope I do the same to you.

To my greatest loves, my husband of nearly thirty years, and my daughters, you make my life rich beyond words. To my parents, my sisters, and all my family and friends, thank you for enriching my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


Terri S. Alpert

Founder & CEO



Dreaming Of Summer

Here in New England, although the snow is beautiful, we often miss our summers at the shore this time of year. This warm, decadent pasta dish is reminiscent of the small bistros that line that shoreline here in Connecticut, and puts a bright, summery twist on comfort food. Warm up one of these chilly winter nights by preparing this dish for yourself and your loved ones!

1 diced shallot

2 tablespoons of butter

32 ounces of your favorite lobster bisque

1 pound of shrimp

¼ cup of sherry

1 pound of penne pasta

Grated zest of one lemon

Salt and pepper

Half & half (as needed)

Fill a large pot with water and sprinkle in a generous amount of salt. When it comes to a boil, add in a pound of penne or your favorite pasta. In large saucepan, melt the butter over low heat, and sauté the shallot in the melted butter. Once the shallots begin to get translucent, add the shrimp, and cook until they just begin to turn pink. Once the shrimp are cooked, pour the shrimp, shallots, and butter into a serving bowl, and fill the pan with the sherry and lobster bisque to reheat it over medium heat. If the sauce is too thick for your liking, slowly add small amounts of warmed half & half as needed to thin it. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and return it to the pan, removing from heat, then pour the warmed lobster bisque and shrimp and shallot mixture over it, stirring to combine and adding salt and pepper to taste. Lastly, sprinkle the top of the pasta with the grated lemon zest.


We love serving seafood dishes on these fun plates, all year round!

Wearable Artifacts

This jewelry was handcrafted by Luli of Israel: a talented silversmith with over 20 years of experience. Each piece is a wearable artifact from the Roman Empire, featuring 2000-year-old glass that was recovered from this glorious period of history by skilled archeologists. Hand-set in gleaming, textured sterling silver for an unmistakable elegance.


Roman Glass And Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Roman Glass And Sterling Silver Dangling Earrings


Roman Glass And Sterling Silver Necklace

Porcelain Petals

In Naples, Italy, our artisans Ciro and Aniello continue the traditions of their ancestors when creating these “forever flowers.” As each petal, leaf, stamen, and stem is painstakingly handcrafted, our artisans ensure that this old-world artistic process lives on. After the flowers are created, the colors are applied in layers to create realistic depth and shading. If you look closely enough, you may even be able to find one of the artist’s fingerprints hidden amongst the petals: a true testament to the handcrafted nature of these items!

Watch our artisans in Naples, Italy create one of our mysterious blue roses, uno alla volta.

All About Capricorn

Born between December 22nd and January 19th, Capricorns are known to be responsible, highly-logical go-getters. Symbolized by a mythical “sea goat,” Capricorns are characterized as ambitious, persistent go-getters (like mountain goats) with secret, deeply emotional inner lives (like fish). People born under this sign are responsible, practical, and very career-oriented. Shop our Capricorn-inspired treasures to celebrate your winter-born loved ones!


This paperweight features a shimmering depiction of Saturn: Capricorn’s ruling planet.


The deep red garnets in these earrings are January’s birthstone, and they pair perfectly with sparkling green peridot, the birthstone of August. (My best friend’s birthday is in August, so I really love this combination of our birthstones, and I think they make a unique pair, just like us!)


Are you a December Capricorn? Then this sparkling ring, which prominently features stunning blue topaz, perfectly showcases your birthstone.


Simple, sensible earth tones are thought to be Capricorn colors. Also, the alpaca wool used to make this gorgeous poncho is shorn in the Andes Mountains, which echoes Capricorn’s “mountain climber” personality.