Uno Alla Volta

Uno Alla Volta ®

Uno Alla Volta

Take a Journey of Discovery and go where treasures are still intricately handcrafted uno alla volta (one at a time). Places where artisans learn their techniques from their parents, as their parents learned them from the previous generation. Places where artists have resurrected dying crafts or nearly extinct cultural heritage. And places completely modern where an artist brings only his or her imagination and the many rich influences on his or her life.

1 thought on “Uno Alla Volta”

  1. Kathy Simons said:

    Dear Uno Alla Volta (Terri!),

    I received as a gift the Safari Stemless Wine glasses, set of 4 (STONGLS-STMS4).
    Do they require any special washing care? Are they dishwasher safe?

    Thanks in advance for the info!

    The glasses are wonderful!

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