Smadar is proud to introduce her unique designs to the US, exclusively through Uno Alla Volta.

During her recent trip to the Galilee, Terri was captivated by Smadar’s distinctive, colorful designs. Smadar hand-sculpts each creation by twisting gold-plated wire into a series of loops, each perfectly spaced, and then dipped into colorful resins. The result is an iridescence reminiscent of mother-of-pearl, a playfulness, and an elegance.


Born and raised in Nazareth Illit Israel, Smadar designed her very first piece when she was a high school student studying art and design. What started as hobby later turned into a successful career that fills her life with joy.

After she finished her military service duty, Smadar began working at the Diamond Exchange District in IGI Ltd: a gemologist lab that specializes in identifying, ranking and classification of gems and diamonds.

In addition to her IGI job, Smadar continued to develop with her husband what would become her home jewelry business. She learned about metalsmithing during a trip to India, and when she got back to Israel she filed an application right away to the most famous goldsmithing school in Israel, called Maziar, which is located in the diamond district in Tel Aviv.

Smadar is known for her multifaceted approach to jewelry design and unique, contemporary vision. Her work draws upon clean elegant lines while creating a visual dialogue between fundamental elements of nature and telling stories of hope and renewal.

Smadar says that her experience in the field of jewelry design taught her that she will have to work hard with every little piece she creates and therefore, it is very important to enjoy the process. The design process as she sees it is based on ‘trial and error’ and on finding new ways to use the tools she has to create unique designs. One of her principles is to keep an open mind throughout the process, because sometimes the final piece is completely different than the original idea.


To learn more of Smadar’s story, and see her full Raspberry and Jade Looped Jewel collection, visit:


Smadar’s Raspberry And Jade “Looped Jewels” Necklace


Smadar’s Raspberry And Jade “Looped Jewels” Fan Earrings


Smadar’s Raspberry And Jade “Looped Jewels” Circle Earrings


Smadar’s Raspberry And Jade “Looped Jewels” Structured Bracelet